Uniting Union County

The primary season is just getting starting and we're already Uniting Union County behind a shared progressive vision of democratic leadership that is Working for You! We have just over four months till the polls open.

Just four months!!!

But, in those four months we are going to be fighting for affordable housing, less tax dollar waste, better roads, and local green infrastructure on behalf of every voter in Union County.

Here is what we're writing to ask today: if you knew that one more $2.70 contribution would help us reach one more voter and that reaching that voter could make a difference, would you contribute it?

If you knew that adding one more $2.70 contribution could help us turn a few more people toward our vision of democratic ballot access and responsible government would it be worth it?

That is what we're asking right now. To add one more $2.70 contribution that will move us one step closer to winning and transforming our county.

So what do you say? Can you do it for our future today?

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