February 10, 2020

UC Dem. Org. Points Fingers to Deflect Poor Choice to Replace Freeholder Estrada

Union County, NJ – Monday, February 10, 2020 – New Jersey Progressive Democrats of Union County and Our Revolution Union County endorsed candidate for Union County Freeholder, Hector Meneses, Jr. made the following statement with respects to the public revelation of the sordid past of Regular Democratic Organization nominee Lourdes Leon to replace Freeholder Estrada:

“David Wildstein of the New Jersey Globe and Matt Friedman of Politico New Jersey reported recently on the problematic past of the Union County Democratic Committee’s nominee to replace Freeholder Estrada on the establishment ticket in the June Democratic Primary.

“In short, their candidate signed a document admitting to fraud in her role as a school administrator and consented as part of a settlement to relinquish her school administrators license. Their candidate contends that she is innocent of the charges; but either she committed fraud while a school administrator or perjured herself when she signed a consent to relinquish her license.

“While we, myself, my running mates, and New Jersey Progressive Democrats of Union County, are unsure how Mr. Wildstein and Mr. Freedman got this information, we are glad that the public has this opportunity to learn more about this particular candidate and as such, the priorities of the established democratic political machine. There is a saying: sunlight is the best disinfectant; and the establishment pick sheds a lot of sunlight on to the cronyism and corruption of the Union County political game. It is clear that the machine, the leaders of the Regular Democratic Organization, prioritize loyalty over duty, and concentrated power over the public’s best interest.

“While the machine is busy pointing fingers about the public revelation about their nominees past indiscretions; I, my running mates, and New Jersey Progressive Democrats of Union County will continue to focus on our goal for a brighter, more equitable future for all our residents.”

Members of the Union County Democratic Committee have been claiming publicly that NJPD-UC and the progressive wing of the Democratic Party is responsible for the leak of the publicly available information about their Freeholder nominee, Leon. It is not surprising that the Democratic establishment would try to deflect from their poor choice in candidate by pointing fingers at their challengers.

This is what the public gets when the Democratic machine puts loyalty to the party bosses above all else. The public deserves a debate focused on the issues and our plans for the future, and a Democratic Party who owns up to its decisions.

This is why New Jersey Progressive Democrats of Union County is organizing a line with passionate people who are called to service, not for power and money, but to serve the people of Union County.



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