The platform is the blueprint of our organization. It encompasses the many ideals, morals, and ethics that inform our policy and issue advocacy. If you are interested in issues that we are actively organizing and advocating behind please see the issues section of the website.


Elections are the bedrock of our democracy. Our ability to vote, ready access to the polls, and a fair and transparent ballot are the only things that protect the people from a totalitarian government.

Reproductive Rights

We stand with people everywhere who say: "our body our choice." The decision to terminate a pregnancy is as profound as it is personal. The right to make this choice should be free from the oppression of government and religion.

Gun Rights

Only since the Heller decision in 2008 has an individuals right to own a gun been affirmed. These rights, like all others, are not without restriction. We believe that guns serve an important cultural and utilitarian purpose, but gun owners have an obligation to society at large.

Clean Air

The air we breath is linked to our health. When we allow corporations or individuals to pollute the air around us we allow them to impact our daily health. Polluters of the air we all share should be held accountable for their actions and should be forced to mitigate the damage they have caused, and prevent future damage.

Clean Water

Water is a human right. Clean water is the responsibility of government at every level. We believe that policy regarding water should be most protective of the people not corporate profits.


Pollution, in general, whether it be a function of our failing infrastructure (e.g. our water and sewer systems), or whether it be a private corporation or individual, should be treated a an assault on everyone. We share the environment, we collectively benefit from a clean environment, and anyone, private, individual, corporation, or government, who pollutes any of our common natural resources and assets should be held accountable.


We believe in the housing first methodology. Every person deserves adequate housing regardless of their socio-economic status.


Police officers serve and protect our neighborhoods, our residents, and our property. Just like any other group of people, most are good and act with good intentions, but a few go outside the bounds of law and morality and we believe that those who do should be held to account like any other person who goes too far.

Corrections Reform

When society sees fit to incarcerate an individual stripping them of their freedom it becomes the governments responsibility to provide them with robust evidence based resources to allow the offender to rehabilitate themselves; and, when their sentence is served reintegrate as a productive member of society.


"Taxes are what we pay for civilized society." So says the former Supreme Court Justice Oliver Wendell Holmes Jr. Tax policy is complicated. We pay income tax at the Federal, State, and sometimes local levels. We pay sales tax on the goods and services we consume. We pay a tax in the form of access fees for government services (e.g. licenses, et cetera). We pay real property taxes. We pay other taxes too. But, not all taxes are created equal; not all taxes are fair and progressive. Most tax schemes benefit the rich and owners of capital and harm the poor and middle class. Reforms in our tax policy at every level of government is necessary for a fair and equitable tax system the pays for the civilized society of the present, and the future.


Education is the silver bullet. Without an educated populace we cannot have a self-governed people or a robust economy. We believe that every child has a right to free and appropriate (FAPE) primary and secondary education. We further believe that higher education, including trade and vocational school, ought to be free and accessible to all.


Anyone who has paid to drive on the Garden State Parkway, or the New Jersey Turnpike and hit pothole after pothole. Anyone who has paid their property tax bill and driven to drop the check in the mail and driven on roads that have had their maintenance deferred for years and decades wonders where all that revenue for transportation infrastructure is going. Quality transportation infrastructure is directly linked to robust economies - when people can get to work, goods can be transported, and done on roads that do not cause damage to personal property economies flourish, people have pride in their neighborhoods, and good things happen for business and families.

Illicit Drugs

Chronic illicit drug use is a symptom of larger existential problems in society and is tragic. It is antithetical to the public good to criminalize behavior that would be better treated in a medical setting. The only reason to treat an epidemiological medical problem as a criminal one is to create criminals for the for-profit prison industrial complex. The socio-economic stratification of consequences for illicit drug use only emphasizes and reinforces that is the perceived cast-aways of our communities who are harshly penalized by current drug policy.


Families are the backbone of our communities and children are our future. We stand with families across all income brackets who are forced to make impossible choices and are struggling to find care for their children. High-quality affordable infant and childcare is essential to building a thriving community.


In all societies, there are certain individuals who are more vulnerable than most. In our communities, the chronically homeless visibly fit into this category. Despite this, current policy dictates that these broken individuals prove they are worthy of help before it is offered - survival is not enough.

There is also invisible homelessness and those with chronic housing insecurity. Current policy allows only for crisis management. For those who are one paycheck away from eviction, it can save them this month but does nothing to alleviate the stressors. For those already homeless, but 'lucky enough' to be staying with friends or family there are fewer resources.