March 31, 2020

NJPD-UC Calls for Campaign Changes to Ensure Public Safety

Jason Krychiw, interim Chairperson, made the following statement:

"NJPD-UC and its candidates prioritize public health and safety during the CoVid-19 pandemic and we have been leading by example. We have transitioned to virtual town halls for candidate events using Zoom. We have collected most of our signatures to qualify for the ballot electronically using DocuSign. We suspended public events in advance of Governor Murphy’s Executive Orders.

"It is one thing to call for a suspension of political activity for personal gain, it is another to alter operations in the name of protecting the public. NJPD-UC is leading by example again – not playing politics. There is evidence that the virus that causes CoVid-19 can live on certain surfaces for days. While there are some conflicting reports in the scientific literature, there is simply too much we do not know about this novel coronavirus currently. In the interests of the public health, NJPD-UC and its candidates will not be sending mailers or engaging in literature drops. It is simply the right thing to do. NJPD-UC calls on the Union County Democratic establishment to commit to protecting the public health and do the same in all races in Union County.

"NJPD-UC has also suspended traditional field activities including knocking on doors and holding house parties. Not only would these activities be in opposition to the Governor’s Executive Orders, but it is just too risky. We have transitioned to using the phone, text messaging, and other virtual means to reach voters. We will continue to offer yard signs to supporters under strict distancing protocols where the supporter instructs our volunteers where to place the sign in advance and the sign will be placed by volunteers without contact with the supporter. As more information is available, NJPD-UC will review its policies in the interests of public health and welfare.

"We appreciate the leadership shown by all of our NJPD-UC candidates for agreeing to these campaign changes to ensure the safety of the public."