Hector Meneses Jr.

Hector Meneses

Why I am running for Freeholder

My name is Hector Meneses Jr. I am an Elizabeth native, Linden resident, and running to be your Freeholder for Union County. Throughout my younger years in Elizabeth I slowly began to realize how individuals who are well off or well-connected controlled our political system. After seeing how money and cronyism corrupted the New Jersey political system I decided to act and get involved with Wolf-Pac, an advocacy organization that aims to stop the corrupting influence money has in our political system. This is what started my passion to bring about actual change in our community by creating a government that works for everyone and not just the well connected.

At Boston University I majored in Finance and Accounting with a minor in Mechanical Engineering as a first-generation Hispanic. While there, I set out to build my community and pass reforms in student government through my roles as a Questrom Ascend Mentor, Resident Assistant and VP of Finance at Boston University Student Government. As a founding Questrom Ascend Mentor, I would facilitate a two-week program that supports underrepresented freshmen or transfer students at BU by providing resources and building camaraderie among the students through team building, career, and academic exercises. As a Resident Assistant, my efforts in community building via participation in events, use of resources on the Boston University campus, and connecting with residents in a meaningful and positive way were recognized when I received the Outstanding Accomplishments in Community Development Award. However, although there was a lot of success, it still didn't address the problem which is that the Student Government has a responsibility to build our community and provide the resources needed for it to prosper. That was what I set out to do when I ran for VP of Finance for BU Student Government.

As the VP of Finance, we engaged our community by hosting our first concert in 5 years, creating the Ten.10.X initiative where we asked BU to be civically engaged - to stand united against sexual assault and the proposed changes to Title IX by the Department of Education. Additionally, we passed a proposal to ask the Boston University administration to divest from fossil fuel industry. As the VP of Finance, we achieved our goal to make our finances more transparent by publishing our general ledger online and presenting a cost analysis to the students. As the VP of Finance, we reformed the way in which we elect our leaders by passing a proposal to implement ranked based voting system.

Through these leadership roles, I have demonstrated that the dream of having a government that works for everyone is possible. That we can cultivate a culture that brings people together, to support each other, to collaborate, and to see the value the that individual has and to help them succeed. That is why I am running. I want to build that government. A government that prioritizes economic and fiscal transparency. A government that implements ballot reform. A government that isn't full of corruption and cronyism. I will never stop fighting until we win.

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