Donate a Water Test to a Family in Need!

As many of you have seen, the water crises in Newark may be affecting Elizabeth. Its reach and full health implications have yet to be determined, and the only way we can be sure is to test as many homes as possible. Right now, we are making a list of people in the community who would like to have a test done. However, many of our fellow neighbors are living paycheck to paycheck. Financial constraints limit their ability to know if their water is toxic or not. It is their right to be made aware of the potential danger they could be ingesting. This test will help them determine how high the lead count is in the water. Liberty Water and city officials say there is nothing to worry despite the many markers (please see our press release).

To be clear, at 15 parts per billion (pbb), the following long term side effects listed by the Mayo Clinic, include permanent brain damage, developmental disability, learning difficulties, irritability and behavior problems, hearing loss, seizures.

In Elizabeth, the levels exceeded 175ppb in a home in Elmora and over 6000ppb in an elementary school, with many others falling between. If families are made aware of the risks, they can take precautions to protect themselves, protest this gross incompetence, and demand justice.  

We need to be able to show our neighbors and local representatives that if they don't pay for these needed tests - we will! We will stand with all of our community to demand testing for all residents' water. But we need your support to make this statement possible, moreover, to make this testing available.

Each test costs up to $60, and we’re looking to be able to cover the cost for 100 low-income residents -- but we need $6,000 by midnight on Monday. Will you join us in supporting water testing for our neighbors in Elizabeth? Every single contribution makes a difference, we need every household’s backing to make this effort, and it’s statement successful. We sincerely thank you in advance for your profound humanity and generous support of everyone’s civil right to know what’s in our community’s water. 

Can you help us help our neighbors and ensure the health and future of our children and community!

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