David Rutherford

David Rutherford

Why I am running for City Council

My name is David Rutherford, and I was born and raised in Plainfield, NJ. I received a degree in architecture from Drexel University in Philadelphia, but after over six years as an architect, I recently became a copywriter in advertising. 

After college, in 2011 I got involved in the Occupy Movement in New York - working with longtime Harlem tenants activist Nellie Bailley - before becoming deeply entrenched in anti-establishment politics in Plainfield. This accelerated in 2013, after I started my blog, Plainfield View. Much of my commentary was carried by local media, one article was featured by renowned education activist Diane Ravitch, and others were used as resources by progressives around the state as they fought some of the same monied interests - for example, charter school networks - that we battle here in Plainfield. I was also featured on Black Agenda Radio, and my blog also co-sponsored Plainfield’s first public discussion of mass incarceration. In 2015, I became the youngest person ever elected to the Plainfield Board of Education, aided by the endorsement of Dr. Cornel West. 

As a member of the Plainfield City Council, I will work to upend the stranglehold machine politics has on our city and make sure that quality of life and opportunities for residents come before the interests of vendors and developers. I will fight for campaign finance reform, robust and well-publicized recreation programs, and development that does a service to current residents. 

Too often, when people run against the corrupt political establishment, after they get elected they end up joining it. I am not here to make friends in high places in New Jersey’s rotten political landscape. I will always work with the peoples’ interest in mind. 

This is a grassroots campaign for City Council, and I’ll need all of your help to beat the well-funded local Democratic machine. I hope you can help us by spreading the word, by volunteering, and by donating. 

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