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The NJ Progressives endorses these candidates for office.

Justin O'hea for Freeholder

Justin O'hea

My name is Justin O'Hea, and I was born and raised in Union County, NJ. By profession, I am a licensed clinical social worker. I have dedicated my entire adult life to working with the poor,the disabled, the people with addictions, the formerly incarcerated, the homeless, the at-risk youth and the like. New Jersey is a deeply corrupt state and my whole purpose for running will not just be exposing and eradicating corruption, but to make sure that funding is directed at the distressed communities that need it the most. I am not here to benefit off the backs of the poor and working class. I here to get elected. We need justice and ethics, and I plan to deliver! If you have interest in volunteering, donating, or sharing your support, please help me spread the word. I will be running on the same ballot line as Bernie Sanders, Senate candidate Lawrence Hamm, and will have the honor of running with 2 excellent running mates in Aissa Heath, and Hector Meneses.

Aissa Catherine Heath for Freeholder

My name is Aissa Catherine Heath and I am running for Freeholder in Union County, New Jersey. My goals are to create accountability within local government, to create a more transparent process that allows for debate and conversation from residents, and to find solutions to address the housing crisis. I graduated from Rutgers University - Newark with a degree in Economics and a minor in Physics. Currently, I am working in a technical role at a non-profit research organization. Before this, I held a supervisory position, at Rutgers University - Newark, with administrative, payroll, and managerial responsibilities. I have taken on several executive officer roles in numerous organizations where I managed budgets, developed publications, and crafted yearly agendas.

Hector Meneses Jr. for Freeholder

Hector Meneses

My name is Hector Meneses Jr. I am an Elizabeth native, Linden resident, and running to be your Freeholder for Union County. I graduated from Boston University with a major in Accounting and Finance with a minor of Mechanical Engineering. I have held several leadership roles throughout my time at BU and after school. I am currently working with my team to create an Alumni Association of FJC Elizbeth High School to support the residents of Elizabeth post high school career. I'm running on a platform in favor of ballot reform, anti-corruption reform, economic justice, increase economic & fiscal transparency, creating a resident portal, and supporting progressive ideas at the local level.

David Rutherford for City Council

My name is David Rutherford, and I was born and raised in Plainfield, NJ. After graduating college I got involved with the Occupy Movement, and not long after I created my hyper-local blog, Plainfield View, in 2013. Much of my commentary was carried by local media, one article was featured by renowned education activist Diane Ravitch, and others were used as resources by progressives around the state as they fought some of the same monied interests - for example, charter school networks - that we battle here in Plainfield. I was also featured on Black Agenda Radio, and my blog also co-sponsored Plainfield's first public discussion of mass incarceration. In 2015, I became the youngest person ever elected to the Plainfield Board of Education, aided by the endorsement of Dr.Cornel West. As a member of the Plainfield City Council, I will work to upend the stranglehold machine politics in our city and create a local government that represents the people - not the vendors, developers, and political bosses.

Emily E. Morgan for Third Ward Councilwoman, City of Plainfield

My name is Emily Morgan.  I am your candidate for the Third Ward Councilwoman, City of Plainfield, NJ. I am servant-leader. I have lived in the Third Ward of Plainfield, NJ since June of 2000. I currently serve as an elected member of the Plainfield Democratic City Committee for the Third Ward - Sixth District. I have served in this capacity for five years. In November 2015, I was elected to the Plainfield Board of Education and served as President of the Plainfield Board of Education during the 2015-2016 fiscal year. During my tenure as Board of Education President, the District faced tremendous budget cuts. Under my leadership the District averted the devastation of budget cuts which would have caused huge layoffs and a catastrophic impact on our students. I am currently serving my fifth year as a Plainfield Board of Education member. I am a graduate of Rutgers University – Newark College of Arts and Sciences with a Bachelor degree in Accounting and Economics.  As Third Ward Councilwoman, I will work to find ways to provide additional tax relief for our senior citizens. I will initiate legislation to review the tax abatement policy for new developments in our city. Historically developers have received substantial tax abatements. The results of these tax abatements have not proven to be beneficial to our community. I will not serve as a “rubber stamp” for any administration. I will not agree to “bloat” the Plainfield budget with unnecessary hires and frivolous trips. 

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