Ballot Reform

New Jersey is one of the only states in the United States of America that uses a line based ballot. The line-based ballot is designed to prop up unpopular political machines throughout our state; and, right here in Union County prop up the unpopular and corrupt Regular Democratic Organization and the Union County Democratic Committee. This allows politicians to ignore the pleas of their constituents, engage in self-dealing and self-enrichment, and still win regardless of the opposition. Ballot reform is the only thing that will bring democracy back to the people of Union County and New Jersey.


In most states, when you go to the polls, you vote for one of the people seeking a specific office (e.g. Govornor). In other words, all of the Democratic or Republican options in a primary would be listed together in one box and you would select the person you most wanted to be nominated by the party for that office.

In New Jersey, you do not select the person who will be on the party line in the ballot, in fact their may be numerous Democrats or Republicans running, but if they are off the Regular Democratic Party line, if you are like most people, that person will not get your vote beause most people vote the line, and not the person.

This gives County Party Chairpersons a huge amount of power where they can select who will be on the line so they my consolodate power for themselves.

We propose and advocate that Union County do like Salem and Sussex Counties and abolish the line ballot.

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